Now Offering Wedding Photography!

I have had the opportunity and the pleasure to second shoot, and with this experience my portfolio is growing! I find that I love taking candid, documentary style images of this important day because it leads to truly unique, eye-catching imagery. 

A photographer is one of the most important vendors to book early on because when the wedding is over, the images allow this once in a lifetime event to live on. The cake will be eaten, the dress will be worn, the decorations and flowers will be discarded. I try to focus as much as I can on candid, fleeting moments because these are the kind that are hardest to capture and the hardest to remember once the wedding is over. 

Here are a few examples of those quiet, sweet moments taken at a lovely Frida Kahlo themed wedding in Florida:

Interested in booking a wedding with me? Feel free to call, email or drop me a message on Facebook - let's get together and discuss how I can help your wedding live on in your memories as the beautiful day it is! I would love to work with your particular budget and vision.