Three Reasons Why Professional Real Estate Photography is Worth the Price

Three Reasons Why Professional Real Estate Photography is Worth the Price

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Did you know that according to the 2018 National Association of REALTORS Member profile, 50% of homebuyers found their home on the Internet? Now more than ever, professional real estate photography opens the door to interested clients and qualified leads. Yet some real estate agents still hesitate when they see the price tag. So here I am with three reasons why professional real estate photography is absolutely worth the price.

1. Professional Real Estate Photography - The Commodity of Attention

You may be thinking that your smart phone photos should be "good enough" for the MLS, Zillow or Instagram, but your version of "good enough" and today's image-savvy buyers are probably not one and the same. Now more than ever, potential home buyers are relying on photographs as their first impression of a home and whether it's worth a walkthrough.

The commodity that companies and entrepreneurs are now all vying for is pure human attention, and according to a study by Microsoft, our attention span has been reduced down to eight seconds. Imagine taking an iPhone photo of a master bathroom and finding that you can't fit the whole shower and sink into one photo, making the space look smaller than it actually is. Instead of comparing the square footage to the photo, the average person will probably take a glance at it, decide it's not for them and move on.

Professionals have the gear necessary to make rooms like their size. Composition, color and lighting all provide a key part in creating an image that doesn't seem flat and two-dimensional. Simply put, professional real estate photography grabs and keeps interest - amateur photography does not.

2. Time is a Finite Resource

If you understand that high quality photographs matter in attaining interested traffic to your listing, then you can also understand that capturing those photographs takes a good chunk of time out of your day. Taking a professional real estate photograph includes:

Master bedroom with sliding glass door leading to pool
  • Finding the right angles - real estate photography is extremely technical! There are particular angles and levels that add interest and dimension to a room without making the space look warped.

  • Taking multiple exposures to account for bright window light and dark rooms

  • Uploading 300+ photos onto your computer

  • Editing, editing and more editing. Great, you made the interior look brighter - but that lake outside the window is now hard to make out through the sun streaming in. Time for more editing!

Let's be generous and say that each step takes you about an hour - that is almost three to four hours you could have used to connect with potential clients, completing and sending off documents to be signed, and following-up with colleagues. Unless professional real estate photography is something you're planning on learning more about, there is far better use of your time!

My photography services only take about an hour of your day, and if the house is vacant with a lockbox or hidden key, you don't even need to be present. In 24 hours you will have gorgeous, eye-catching images without the trial and error of a DIY attempt.

3. Staging the Home

Pale pink bathroom with two twin sinks

I could take a properly exposed, colorful, perfectly composed image of a bathroom - but if the countertop if littered with combs, toothbrushes and bottles then it would become a much less attractive photo. As a professional real estate photographer I know what details stand out and should be hidden, and what does and doesn’t deserve your attention when prepping for photos.

For instance, some light dust on a lampshade isn't going to be nearly as noticeable as a dog's basket of toys sitting in the corner, or a toilet seat being left up in the bathroom. But these are such every day sights that it's easy for them to go unnoticed until they're displayed in high-definition on your computer screen. It's my job to make sure all the details of making a space look great in a photograph are taken care of!

There are many, many more reasons why professional real estate photographers are worth the money, but these are the three that stick out and that matter the most.

From saving you time to getting more interested buyers through the front door, at the end of the day I want my images to create valuable leads and amazing offers the first day you go live. And that, I believe, is worth the price.

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