What to expect during a Tampa Bay family portrait photography session

Simply put, Stephanie Bough Photography is a custom experience for every client. None of my session times overlap, and beyond my basic session scheduling page, I will work with you depending on your time and budget constraints. I think this is a huge bonus compared to commercial photo departments that will try to shoehorn you into spending more on packages you don't need or want, or schedule you for lengthy session times that aren't ideal. So, onwards to your family portrait session. 

It will probably be around 7am or 7pm, around the "golden hour" when the light is more flattering for portraits and it's far more pleasant outside. I will text or call you with my exact location. We'll be at a local Tampa Bay area park or beach - such as Philippe Park or Pass-a-Grille Beach - which provide a variety of beautiful backdrops.

In my about section, I briefly go over what it's like working with me and describe myself more as an "activity planner" than a director. This doesn't mean that I give absolutely no direction - not being a model myself, I know exactly how awkward it is standing in front of a photographer, trying to interpret what "looking natural" actually means. I will give more or less direction depending on how comfortable you and your family are in front of the camera, especially for formal group shots.

A more formal/traditional Tampa Bay area family portrait photo along the coastline.

A more formal/traditional Tampa Bay area family portrait photo along the coastline.

When I am positioning everyone, I'm looking for compositions that will draw the eye smoothly across the entire frame. Most of the time, this means staggering heights and encouraging you to transfer your weight, lean this way or that and bend an arm or leg to create these simple compositional lines. I also like families to stand as close as they can together because this translates as a more cohesive, loving group in the final image.   

I like to take a variety of formal group shots in one location, stroll to another nearby location for candids, and then take a few more formals again. I find that this pacing keeps things interesting and is a great pace for children. I will always encourage movement and try to limit the amount of time you're in the same place. This leads to more natural, dynamic and one-of-a-kind family portraits that capture the camaraderie you have among one another.  

And that's it! Once our session is over, you will receive an email with a Facebook link to "sneak peak" photos that you can share with friends or family. After 5 to 10 days, you will receive your full online gallery. :) 

Interested in a Tampa Bay area family portrait session with me? Check out my services page for more information!